We believe that for the body of Christ to function as a whole, connections must be made between the members of that body. Here at IBC, we have a variety of activities for all ages. Come, get connected with a group, and grow with us as we collectively strive to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Little followers

    Jesus said "Let the little children come to Me." (Matt. 19:14). We believe that starts with the smallest of children. Our hope is to intentionally expose these precious children to the Gospel as early as possible. We offer childcare during both Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities with this goal in mind. 

  • Youth

    Middle school and high school students are bombarded by the things of the world around them on a daily basis. Our intent with our grade-specific Sunday school classes and group youth meeting on Wednesday night, is to equip these students to truly live like Christ amidst that world. Continuing to saturate them with the Gospel, our conversations deepen as these students grow up in their faith. 

  • Young Adults

    A heart yearning to grow deeper wth Christ and serve His Church characterizes our young adults at IBC. This generation is pursuing Christ with reckless abandon and they are busy for His Kingdom. They come together for Sunday school and a Bible study on Tuesday nights to edify and sharpen themselves as a group. Having been "Thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Tim. 3:17), they then go out and invest much of themselves by serving in IBC's various ministries.  

  • Adults

    The adult ministry at IBC has been a consistent beacon of light to the community around our church. Coming together for Sunday school and Bible studies on Wednesday nights allows for frequent fellowship and steady growth. Countless outreach and ministry opportunities have been birthed from this unified collaboration of believers.